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The Township of Amaranth was incorporated in 1852 and was originally part of Wellington County, but is now considered to be a part of Dufferin County. Amaranth spans from Highway 9 to Highway 89 and is west of Highway 10.

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More About Amaranth

The township got its name from the amaranth plant that grows abundantly on its land. Amaranth is very diverse in its typography with landscape features that encompass rivers, wetlands, flat land, wildlife and a ton of agriculture. Because the land tends to be flat, it has been ideal for wind-mills and cattle and in fact many farms are still operating today. Laurel and Waldemar are neighbourhoods within Amaranth. Waldemar has estate subdivisions and Laurel has detached homes on smaller lots. A majority of homes in Amaranth are detached with lots of acreage. The township is surrounded by Orangeville and Grand Valley and is a good commuting distance to large urban centers like Toronto, Brampton, Guelph, and Barrie, just to list a few. Amaranth is a township that has a vibrant agricultural community and tons of pride. They even have their own flag that is red, gold and white.

Note: Amaranth is a part of the Grand River Conservation Authority